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Well as the story goes…  Elizabeth was once a student of magic, below average in the looks department, short, with a flat chest, no curves and short unkempt hair, but she had an extremely useful talent in channeling the energies of magic.  Unknown to most, this skill came from her familiar, a great white tiger that called itself Tigrezs. She was just short of being a sentient being is her own right. Tigrezs was the reason Elizabeth was awakened to magic in the first place.  
After Elizabeth’s talent started to become known to the mage community, they kept there powers hidden from the sleepers, as they were called in the modern age. some of the older arc-mages were growing annoyed that a woman had the latent ability to become a greater wielder of magic then all of the other arc-mages that where alive today.  One of these arc-mages felt worse then all the others, being from a great family. He was looking for a way to stop her growth as a mage.  Once He found out about Tigrezs He knew something needed to be done to destroy Elizabeth’s relationship with Tigrezs.
Several months after He found out about Tigrezs, Elizabeth had her second trial to ascend to the next level of power in her magic.  This test can vary from person to person and is usually performed at a node or place of power.  Something felt odd to Elizabeth as she put on a shirt and tight jeans the day of the test, for she and not seen Tigrezs all morning.  Upon entering the Node there was a great flash of energy and Elizabeth felt herself pulled through space at a great speed.  The next thing she knew she was restrained to an altar. Stairs lead into the darkness and nothing but blackness and what looked like stars in every direction could be seen. Then He appeared. Elizabeth tried to struggle out of the restraints and even tried to use her magic to escape but no liberation came from her actions.  That is when she saw her only real friend struggling in her own restraints. Next to her on an exact replica of the one she was on, was Tigrezs!  Elizabeth tried to shout. The fact that this mighty beast was not able to break free either was disheartening in itself, but what was really demoralizing to her was the feelings of rage coming for Tigrezs that never before she had felt.
“You like the improvements to her mentality!” His voice boomed as Elizabeth was filled with terror, “And now you two become one.”  As He spoke the altars started to move towards each other.  As Elizabeth’s and Tigrezs bodies began to touch, Tigrezs was absorbed into Elizabeth. As they sank into each other Elizabeth’s thoughts filled with rage and hate. She blacked out as she fell into a rage struggling with the restraints.  In her blindness of rage she managed to break her bonds after the merger was complete.  She lunged at him, to his surprise. He tried to teleport her back but she was faster.  The spell was incomplete and they were both thrown into another realm and time.  As they appeared high in the air He and the fused Elizabeth landed on something that was flying.  As he pushed away Elizabeth tried to push after him going for blood, but he was faster this time and He flung Elizabeth and what ever she landed on forward in time.
When she awoke there was a nagging pain from her ears, every noise was louder then she had ever heard before. As she reached to cup her hands over them she felt the softness of fur.  In shock, she sat up and saw she was in the small room of a cabin with a bed she was lying in and a small mirror on the far wall.  She jumped up to look at herself in the mirror and saw what she feared, two large tiger ears in place of her human ones and her red hair was not as scruffy and was a few inches longer.  Then she felt the pain of her jeans on her waist and hips, she felt even more pain trying to get them off.  If felt like her hips had filled out a little more, but what shocked her most was the long white tail with black stripes that she saw flicking about in the mirror.  She grabbed the tail and felt a twang of pleasure and pain as she traced it down to find that is was part of her, she screamed and fainted.
She awoke a few moments later to some one placing one hand on her forehead and the other feeling her new ears. At the feeling of pleasure and pain from the new sensation she let out a sound, like a moan and a purr mixed in one, for a split second.  “Good you are awake!” a sweet female voice said, “What is your name?”  She looked up into the eyes of the person taking care of her, the almost silver radiance coming from them was relaxing in it’s self.
“Tigrezs”, she mumbled without even thinking.
The figure over her breathed a sigh of relief, “Well Tigrezs, looks like we have a lot to talk about…”
Tigrezs back story and the first steps to becoming who she is today. This is just the first part, more might be coming we will see. Also you first gimps of my other Character.

My thanks to Matt my Editor who puts up with me!

Part 2 is up here [link]
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ShockWaveX2 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Awesome story!
Ignition44 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009
cool story bro
XLRP Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
Damn those jeans. I Like how you set this up. Girl and her pet beast. You got me intersted in what happens next.
Nion-Won99 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:) I like it
gwadahunter2222 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
nice story =D
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